MAGIC LADY Seamed-Ribbon Hold-Up Lace Top Silicone Strap Stockings 15 Denier

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Hold-ups give your hosiery collection and stylish wardrobe a vintage, sexy edge. In addition to being a practical item in your wardrobe, our hold-ups have an elegant, luxurious appeal. This style has endured time and trends, evolving to a more contemporary, sophisticated couture for the woman who has a variety of activities, pursuits, and responsibilities. They are ultra-feminine for today’s modern woman. Superior elastane technology combined with light and luxurious material ensures comfort, strength, and flexibility–like today’s modern woman! Our hold-ups are sheer, silky, and smooth against your skin. A cling-resistant silicone strip ensures that the pantyhose hugs your thighs comfortably and securely, without any pinching or slipping. You can move freely and confidently in these superior hold ups. And an elegant floral lace top hides the silicone strip and flatters the upper thigh–a beautiful touch of femininity and sex appeal.

  • Floral Lace Top And Sheer Leg Stockings
  • Cling Resist Finish and Silicone Strap
  • Reinforced Toe and Stay On All Day Long
  • Comfortable to wear, Elegant Look

Colour: black-ribbon

Composition: 88% polyamide, 12% lycra

Care instructions: hand wash


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